This high speed sorter is compatible with array of laser options. High viability, yield, and purity with an analysis rate of 100,000 events per second and sort rates of up to 70,000 events per second are standard. Improved light collection and filter designs optimize the sensitivity. Experience unmatched sorting capabilities while maintaining high performance, biosafety, and modularity.


Compatible with any Flow Cytometry laser: water cooled, free-space, fiber coupled

Laser Engine expands the wavelength possibilities through a single pinhole

Fiber coupled lasers with Beam Shaping Optics providing increased stability and alignment ease

Filter changes simplified with the Precision Optical Detector (POD) structure


Certifiable Biosafety Level I or II cabinet option

Aerosol Evacuation System (AES) removes aerosols from sort chamber

Replaceable probe and sample line

SmartSampler sample input protects the sample and user


Zero dead time

100,000 analysis events per second

Digital triggering on any parameter

Digital pulse processing

Sort Performance

IntelliSort II: Beadless drop delay determination and monitoring

Validated for 70,000 sorts per second

99% purity at all data rates

High recovery, yield and viability

Proven 4-Way Sort for multiple population sorting

Independent Sort Mode capability in each tube

CyClone® custom plate and slide sorting

Touch Screen Control Panel

Easy-to-use intuitive cytometer set up and control

Validated for 70,000 sorts per second

Independent control of each stream

Simple coarse and fine alignment

CyClone calibration up to 1536-well plate

Real-time sort statistics

Summit Software

Established software with powerful data handling