• Dr. M. Raman,Ph.D.,
  • Project Director

From the Director's Desk

Science is a continuing effort to discover and increase human knowledge and understanding, through disciplined research. Technology is the use of scientific knowledge for improving the way we do things. Innovation is a process of converting knowledge and ideas into new or improved products or services. It transforms creativity, knowledge, and ideas into value and competitive advantage.

Thus, Science, Technology and Innovation are the engines of social and economic development.

Several scientific activities have been undertaken in our country in the areas of animal health and production over the years. But sadly, very few have been converted to technologies or innovations that have directly benefitted the stake holders and farmers.

There are several reasons for such a scenario, some of the common reasons include

Change in priorities of the researcher based on funding

Technologies change rapidly

Commercialization is a naive area for the researcher

Requirements for regulatory approvals

Hence it was thought that if a platform was provided, that could address all the requirements for the conversion of science into technology and make available products in the market shelves, then this could largely bridge the gaps in this sojourn.

This heralded the beginning of the DBT-TANUVAS partnership programme on the "Translational Research Platform for Veterinary Biologicals (TRPVB)", a platform to address the different kinds of needs under one roof to facilitate 'productization" of animal science research products. It is an innovative venture in the area of animal sciences where in the greatest challenge for commercialization is the cost-starved market.

This platform also has brought together academicians, industry-experienced people, regulation-experienced personnel, biosafety personnel and scientists. This platform is poised to foster a culture of innovation; collaborative participation and facilitate the requirements for evolution and evaluation of commercializable products.

TANUVAS, a leading torch-bearer of the Veterinary and Animal Sciences research in this country was aptly chosen as the venue for the establishment of this TRPVB.

We also recollect with gratitude the efforts of Dr. M. K. Bhan, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology (DBT), New Delhi, Dr. R. Prabakaran, Vice-Chancellor, TANUVAS, Dr. S. R. Rao, Advisor, DBT, New Delhi and all other DBT and TANUVAS officials who made this dream come true.

WE reiterate that we would leave no stone unturned for realizing the dream of this platform and a rare opportunity to contribute to society through our poorest of the poor farmers.

- Dr. M. Raman,Ph.D.,