• Dr. K. Chitra
  • Scientist


Dr. Chitra expertise in developing Veterinary therapeutics Formulation,& Nanotech Products working as a Research scientist in TRPVB for past 6 years involved in different research project such as quick heal collagen wound healing cream Collagen bead delivery Teat protect mastitis prevention products ,Progesterone Nano patch & cream, Ivermectin Nano spot on and shampoo, Flowcytometry (Bovine and canine) research work and Evans syndrome services and also been as a TRPVB cGMP facility DCGI approved manufacturing manager for product formulation and documentation . She did her Post graduate and Doctorate degree from Madurai Kama raj University and Madras University in Biotechnology. Her research career started as a Research fellow from central leather research and gained experience in fabrication of collagen biomaterial, Nano particle etc. She gained Five year experience from cGMP production and QC facility of Pasture institute of India (Connor) and BCG Vaccine unit (Gunidy) .

She developed TRPVB technology for various products four of which have been commercialized to industry. She is also experienced in handling such as Flowcytometry, Electro spinning, 2D gel electrophoresis, cGMP production equipment’s etc .She contributed for GMP licencing processing and optimization of the bulk production of Teat protect and prosync NC.