Large Touch-screen Display

Easy to read and navigate

Viewable from across the lab.

Intuitive graphical interface with on-screen help.

Multilingual software for error-free operation.

Improved Power Tolerance

Maintains runs during power fluctuations.

Handles a wider tolerated range of 180 VAC to 264 VAC.

Multiple fluorescence and colocalization analyses

Tracks power interruption data to convey if parameters remained within an acceptable range.

Security and tracking features

Manage rotor life by serial number.

Track detailed usage history.

Password protection and electronic signatures help you maintain chain of custody and compliance.

Real-time Run Graphing

Plots speed and temperature over time, allowing you to track and record progress.

Powerful On-board Simulation and Calculation Tools

Saves time and samples.

Proprietary software optimizes protocols before running to ensure maximum efficiency.

Quickly perform common calculations and conversions.