Protein profiling involves comparison of 2-D gels to understand various biological processes by determining the presence or absence, up or down regulation, and modification states of proteins. Profiling thus serves as a method of discovering putatively causal correlations between protein abundance or modification states and biological processes of interest. Functional proteomics aims to test specific predictions via a more detailed analysis of proteins' structures, roles, cellular locations, and interactions with other proteins.

1st dimension

The BioRad protein isoelectric focusing (IEF) is a convenient system for separation of proteins based on isoelectric point (pI). IEF strips of 11 cm and 24 cm can be accommodated in the system across the spectrum of pH ranges. Active rehydration and protein separation take 5-20 hrs, depending on the electrophoresis protocol.

2nd dimension

First dimension strips are loaded on the second dimension SDS-PAGE gels in the BioRad Protean II gel system, including a powersource. Precast gels are available for the second dimension.