To foster ‘Productization’ in the field of Veterinary Biologicals by converging the presently distant academic research, industry and pathways of regulatory compliance.


To translate veterinary vaccines, diagnostics and other Biologicals for field application and harness their benefit to improve animal health and productivity thereby augmenting the economic status of farmers.


Facilitate the conversion of potential leads into marketable Veterinary Biologicals through appropriate production and validation processes in compliance with regulatory requirements

Provide regulatory compliant biotechnological services and technical assistance for industry and academia

Attaining the status of knowledge and information hub on Veterinary Biologicals


To act as an interface between academia and industry for seamless transfer of products from research to industry eco-system

Provision of regulatory compliant services including third party validation requirements prior to commercial production

To collect and collate available information in the field of veterinary biologicals and serve as a knowledge resource centre for industry, institutions and policy makers

Short Term Objectives

Establishment of a GLP Compliant bio safe laboratory for development and validation of Veterinary biologicals

Develop linkages with academia and industries for prioritizing and subsequent commercial production of veterinary vaccines/ diagnostics

Development of pathways and SOPs required for regulatory compliance of vaccines / assays / kits and other biologicals

Technology development strategies for furthering the process of discovery to market

Long Term Objectives

To place at least three products in the market by 2017

To be recognized as a national referral centre for third party validation of veterinary biologicals

To be recognized as a knowledge treasure house in the field of veterinary biologicals

To evolve into a self-sustainable centre / section 25 Company following external support period of 10 years


Probeads EC
Teat Protect
Ketocheck kit